Interventional Spine Staff Quiz
1) In the above fluoroscopy image, what is the structure indicated by the arrows? Note: The patient is lying face down on the stomach. *
2) In order to correct the fluoroscopic image above into an AP view of the lumbar spine, which movement from below should be made with the fluoroscope? Note: The patient is in the prone position, lying face down on the stomach. *
3) Which image above provides the optimal view of the right sacroiliac joint? *
4) What is depicted by the arrows in the above procedure fluoroscopic images? *
5) The fluoroscopic images above were taken during a procedure, what is the most likely procedure being performed based on what is shown in the images above? *
6) What type of surgical preparation solution or product is shown in the picture above? *
7) A patient is presenting for a 3PM scheduled elective procedure during which he is scheduled to receive intravenous conscious sedation. Which of the following will most likely result in cancellation the procedure due to increased risks of anesthesia? *
8) Which of the following treatments is most likely to be the first procedure performed for a patient with degenerative disc disease and lumbar radiculopathy? *
9) Following an epidural treatment, there is no risk of a patient falling. *
10) What emergency equipment should be available when performing a spinal procedure? *
11) Currently, a diagnosis is charted in an electronic health record (EHR) using which of the following? *
12) It is possible to diagnose most spine and joint problems effectively with an X-ray. *
13) A patient presents with a condition requiring imaging but has a pacemaker. Which type of imaging study below will most likely not able to be performed due to the cardiac pacemaker? *
14) A patient is currently taking blood thinning medications and is scheduled for an interventional spinal cord stimulator trial procedure. What is most likely needed in order to allow the patient to move forward with the procedure as planned. *
15) The acronym MME in regard to pain medication stands for: *