Oklahomans suffer more than 10,000 accidents every year, and neck injuries are common.

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Neck injuries following a car accident are the most common types of problems that occur. Many neck-related injuries are possible after an accident, beyond the most commonly recognized whiplash syndrome. The bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles of the neck, or cervical spine, as doctors refer to it, are very susceptible to damage because of the large forces transferred to the neck during an automobile accident. It is important that you consider the possibility of a neck or cervical injury in the hours and days following your accident. It is often not clear to neck injury accident victims that they have suffered a significant injury until some time after the car wreck that caused the neck problem. You may be distracted by the events surrounding the accident and the stress involved with having suffered an automobile collision, which directly influences your awareness of what neck damage you may have suffered. Below, we will provide information about what you should do to make sure you have an opportunity to identify significant neck injuries related to your accident as soon as possible following the car wreck.

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Common Neck Injury Symptoms following an accident:


Neck & shoulder stiffness


Headaches at the base of the neck


Dizziness & lightheadedness


Pain or numbness down the arms


Difficulty sleeping


Pain when looking upward


Muscle spasms


Tenderness to the touch


If you have neck symptoms following a car accident, a neck injury specialist familiar with evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment can help. The Oklahoma neck injury specialists at Elite Pain & Health have the experience to get you a complete assessment of your condition. We are experienced in initial evaluations, MRI review, ultrasound examination, EMG/NCV studies, and advanced treatment techniques. Our Board-Certified specialty physicians provide a full range of care through minimally invasive treatments. Contact our Oklahoma based interventional specialists today for a complete evaluation of your neck or cervical spine injury.

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