Lower Back Pain Relief in Oklahoma

Lower Back Pain Relief in Oklahoma

If you are looking for lower back pain relief in Oklahoma, you have come to the right place! So many back pain patients have benefited from our low back pain treatment specialists. In this article, you will receive expert tips from a spine and joint pain specialist from right here in Oklahoma. So let’s get started on the road to relieving your back pain!


At the first sign of back pain, many people reach for basic conservative low back pain relief options available to all Oklahomans. Simple low back relief options that you can try at home include:

  •  an inexpensive low back pain heating pad (great heating pad!)
  •  ice packs (grab a bag of peas from the freezer!)
  •  purchase more comfortable shoes (Running Shoes!)
  •  some people find that shoe inserts also help (FootLevelers)
  •  make sure your mattress is given you the support you need
  •  start a daily back stretching routine
  •  participate in light physical activity such as Yoga or Pilates
  •  try over-the-counter anti-inflammatories (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen)

 If the above treatment options fail to achieve low back pain relief within 2-4 weeks, you should consider reaching out for a lower back spine specialist evaluation. In the hands of an Oklahoma spine specialist, you will be well taken care of and rule out more serious low back pain conditions.

 The first step is to focus on the history of how your back pain developed to get you the relief you are looking for from back pain. After providing a thorough history to your lower back specialist, it will be important to participate fully in an evaluation that includes a physical examination. These critical steps are invaluable to achieving your goal of lower back pain relief. 

A preliminary diagnosis of what is causing your back pain will be made at your first visit. In order to confirm a diagnosis, imaging studies may be ordered, including x-rays, CAT scans, or MRIs. 

You may be prescribed medication and/or diagnostic procedures depending on your low back pain diagnosis. Patient’s commonly get significant relief from simple, low-risk back pain relief treatments, such as injections, that allow them to participate in physical therapy and home-based exercise programs.


You should be very cautious if you have already been diagnosed with a specific low back pain condition and offered surgery without being provided non-surgical options. Unfortunately, patients often accept an invasive surgery before being educated about non-surgical options simply because they met a surgeon first. For this reason, we recommend always having the opportunity to talk to a non-surgical spine treatment specialist unless your spine surgery is a medical emergency.

Knowing which spine specialist to visit first can be a challenge for Oklahomans looking for low back pain relief. However, most would agree that seeking a surgical “fix” is not the best first option for those suffering from lower back discomfort. The following licensed doctor choices are available for Oklahomans seeking low back pain relief: 

  • Interventional Spine Specialists (Physician Anesthesiologists)
  • Physiatrists (Rehab and Physical Medicine)
  • Rheumatologists (often focused on oral and IV infusion medications)
  • Neurologists (the vast majority don’t perform spine treatments)
  • Orthopedic Surgeon (a select few provide surgical spine treatment)
  • Neurosurgeons (most provide invasive surgical spine treatment)
  • Primary Care – Family Medicine (no specialized spine expertise)


We’re biased towards patients seeking out information and evaluations from specialists who are not focused on treating low back pain surgically. We recommend consulting a non-surgical interventional spine specialist for obvious reasons to avoid surgery. We are often surprised to find that patients sometimes have had spine surgery before having had the option to try a less invasive, surgery-free low back pain relief option in Oklahoma. 

Spine surgeons in Oklahoma are not focused on utilizing simple, less invasive, lower risk, non-surgical options provided by Anesthesiologists trained in interventional spine low back pain relief treatments. Therefore, if you never have an opportunity to speak with a non-surgical low back pain specialist, you may never understand your options for relieving your lower back discomfort in Oklahoma.

We often use an analogy from another area of Medicine to explain the dilemma. Imagine that you were seeking relief from chest pain you’ve been experiencing. You may first ask your Primary Care Provider (PCP) what you should do. Unfortunately, your PCP doesn’t have specialized training in diagnosing or directly treating chest pain or your potential underlying heart disease. Therefore, your PCPs primary role in this scenario will be to send you to see either a Cardiologist or Cardiothoracic Surgeon. Virtually everyone in the United States today would be shocked if their PCP first referred them to the Cardiothoracic Surgeon for chest pain! Wouldn’t every patient with chest pain want to know about less invasive, non-surgical options before being subjected to open-heart surgery?

Consider a similar scenario when searching for lower back pain relief in Oklahoma. First, you contact your PCP and inquire what to do about your back pain symptoms. Then, after several weeks of non-specific treatment, possibly including ice/heat, over-the-counter medication, and maybe even therapy – you still suffer significant lower back pain. At this point, you are expecting a referral to a spine specialist, but do you want lower back surgery? Your PCPs next decision is critical for you and will determine your pathway along the journey to lower back pain relief.


We recommend you insist on getting a referral to a non-surgical spine treatment specialist that will perform a thorough evaluation of your low back pain. This may involve getting low back or lumbar spine imaging such as X-ray, CT Scan, or MRI studies performed if necessary. Oklahoma lower back pain specialists should spend time reviewing your findings and imaging with you to help you understand the root cause of your back pain. Therefore, bringing your imaging reports and any imaging CDs of your lower back pain to your appointments is essential. 

Once your diagnosis is confirmed, be prepared for the likely revelation that you have more than one cause of your back pain. As a result, your lower back pain relief journey will often be a multi-staged lumbar spine treatment effort. Beware of claims of “quick fixes” as the human body and lumbar spine, in particular, is a very complex biomechanical system. Find an experienced Oklahoma lower back pain treatment specialist to help you navigate your way.

In conclusion, finding lower back pain relief in Oklahoma without surgery may be much closer than you initially thought. Our spine treatment specialists are ready to assist you in getting to the root cause of your low back pain. But, more importantly, we want to provide you the low back pain relief you deserve as a fellow Oklahoman!

Dr. Keley John Booth, MD

Interventional Pain Specialist

Dr. Keley John Booth, MD is a Board Certified Diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology and has a vast clinical background in treating a wide variety of pain conditions. Dr. Booth is the President and CEO of Elite Pain & Health, a statewide Oklahoma-based Interventional Pain Management practice. During his time at Elite, he has passionately pursued his goal of providing a patient centered pain care experience focused on achieving quality of life and optimized functional status for patients. Areas of specialty pain treatment include both spine and joint related musculoskeletal conditions. If you suffer spine, neck, back, low back, sciatica, sacral, or major joint pain related to knees, hips, or shoulders – Dr. Booth’s team at Elite has the vast experience and training you can trust for your best pain relief.

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